Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Series | light experimentation

As you can tell, after finals I got beyond lazy. After vowing to bring along my camera every where I went, I barely picked up my camera and went through some kind of funk combined over stress and stupidity. Well hopefully I'm back for good. 
Not having camera equipment kinda screws everything up as well. But I found a solution, overly bright light I found in the garage.
Here in Los Angeles has been, well lets just say we really don't have a winter here. We do have beautiful sunsets that produce pinks, oranges, and blue reflections.
Catching the golden hour created beautiful light mixed with man made light. 


I forced my brothers to do some test shots for me. 

Christopher had just set up his new board. I loved this mutant figure (which happens to be a friend of his) and the front of the board is his, hopefully, soon to be own label, Borra. 

Thought i'd mess with some editing here:

1 comment:

  1. REALLY like the last 2 shots. Looks creepy..
    and the outline of light on the body is supa interesting.