Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY | Bedroom Art Piece

"I tried to forget but you grew roots around my ribcage and sprouted flowers just below my collarbones. All day i pluck their petals but i have not yet ascertained whether you love me or not."

Earlier this morning I went to work out in the garage. When I was catching my breathe I seen this skeleton figure my mom had put up for halloween. I was looking at the ribcages and had a brilliant idea. And I remember the saying (above) from tumblr. My decision of making this piece and my recollection of the saying just kind fit together (funny how things worked that way.) 

So I ripped off the arms (without telling my mom, figured i'd just buy a new one for her next year.) 
*I suggest you buy one just for this piece

Materials needed: A plastic ribcage, a large flat brush, a small flat brush (optional for retouches), acrylic or any paint in the blackest black, plastic flowers, scissors, string or glue, newspaper (I used the back of a canvas cause I could not find any newspaper), and a place to put your paint. 
All this stuff can be found at a craft store.

So for painting the ribcage, it is obviously made out of plastic. It may seem to go on easy but once it starts to dry the color starts lifting up making it uneven. To avoid this you may want to let it dry for one complete day (before starting the last coat) or invest in some thicker paint. 
make sure to get each corner (this may require a smaller brush.)

Next you need your plastic flowers. I had this ring of flowers i found at a thrift store about 7 months ago. You can get them at a craft store, even just the single flowers. 

So i got about an inch of string and tied it to the flower. Just start placing the flowers where ever you want. If string doesn't work out for you, (its a little difficult have them stay on the way you want them too) try glue. 

AND BAM! you have a cool new art piece for your bedroom. You can control the paint color, I choose black because my walls are now white, as well as the amount and color of flowers.



  1. Beautiful. I love that quote.
    You're such a little genius.

  2. i love this! it looks awesome, your very creative. maybe spray paint would have maid your job easier? i don't think i'd be patient enough to paint it by hand! haha
    thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog too, i really appreciate it ! (: x

  3. thanks guys

    @taylah, ah spray paint would of being a good idea too.
    thanks hun

  4. Oh my gawd, this is fantastic!
    You're so creative :)


  5. thank you soooo much guys
    keep spreading the word<3