Sunday, December 11, 2011

Art | My first artist book

photoshopped cover page (outline done by hand)
bound, assembled, photographs all done by myself

As some of you may know, for a final I had to create an artist book. After going to the Getty and getting a look at some great artist books, including Yoko Ono artist book, I came up with this idea.
Since I did want to expand the rotated series, I thought i'd make an interactive artist book. 
So here is the final product. I am pleased with the final result, although I do wish i wasn't so focus on my other finals. I think I could of done a way better job.

HUGE thanks to my brother Chris for skating in 40 degree weather (i was dying and i was just taking the photos), my other brother Eric for getting on the roof to hold the light for us, and Victoria and Jessica for doing the ridiculous things I ask them too. 

You can see most of the photos on flickr, and if you want I can post the rest of the photos. (I highly doubt anyone would ask to see them haha.)

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